Access Control Systems

Facial Recognition Solutions


The latest facial recognition technology can perform identity authentication and attendance with mask on, and simultaneously detect body temperature (including strangers), with an accuracy of ±0.3°C. The entire face recognition process is completed within 0.3 seconds, effectively preventing virus transimssion and suitable for crowded public places.

Dual Sensor Facial Recognition Solutions

The first embedded facial recognition system in the world!

Access Control Systems

Advanced Access Control Systems

Extensively using smart cards, technologies, niometric technology and computer control technology to provide and install security systems at entrances and high-risk locations.

Our senior security elites help customers design, install and maintain, upgrade and enhance access control systems to meet the needs of different customers.




Karta Easy (KT‐E) Metal PIN pad Reader

Karta Light (KT-L) Reader

CIC Biological Identification and
Attendance Solution

Facial Recognition System Tripode Turnstile

◆ Up to 40,000 construction workers can be supported.
◆ CIC approved site entry gate and attendance system.
• Designed for the new generation of cloud Construction Workers Registration Gateway CWRG / DAR system settings.
◆ Mutual authentication and opening completely without computer processing. Reduce the real-time dependence on the computer.
◆ Ensure that FaceID authentication data is saved for the real time.
◆ Use FaceID's fast and stable performance, we changed the process to biometric identification first, and then the CIC machine.
◆ USSAPP directly with the CIC APP, gate and FaceID integrated communications.
◆ Central computer, site computer, Internet, site network, and other easy-to-unstable factors will not affect the certification and channel management, a substantial increase in stability and practicality.
◆ OCR access system, taking control visitor into the site.
◆ Speed up the registration time.

Fingerprint Reader

Fingerprint recognization technology leads to a fast, secure computer time recorder. Remote management via modem is also possible.

Advantage of Fingerprint Recognition

  • Uniqueness of fingerprint characteristics, stability and complexity sufficient to provide for authentication. Using fingerprint unique features, simply increase the number of fingerprint, you can improve recognition reliability.
  • Fingerprint fast, easy to use. When the fingerprint, the user simply finger fingerprint head contact with each other they can be completed in a few seconds, which is the fingerprint recognition technology capable of occupying a large part of the main reasons the market. 
  • Fingerprint acquisition head can be more compact, the price will be more affordable, easy to integrate with existing systems.


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