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The new face recognition which provides walkthrough by authenticating face with mask and body temperature (including strangers). The temperature detection's accuracy between 0.3°C and working speed less than 0.3 second, so the design allows vast deployment at public areas.

Dual Sensor Face Recognition Solutions

The first embedded facial recognition system in the world!

Access Control Systems

Advanced Access Control Systems






Karta Easy (KT‐E) Metal PIN pad Reader

Karta Light (KT-L) Reader

CIC Biological Identification and
Attendance Solution

Optical Turnstile

Face Recognition System Tripode Turnstile

◆  最高可支援 40,000 地盤工人
◆  CIC 認可的地盤出入口閘機及考勤系統
◆ CIC for the new generation of cloud Construction Workers Registration Gateway CWRG / DAR system settings
◆  互相認證及開閘完全不需電腦處理, 減去對電腦的實時依賴
◆  確保 FaceID 認證資料被第一時間保存
◆  利用 FaceID 的快捷與穩定性能, 我們將流程改為先作生物特徵辨識, 再拍 CIC 機
◆  USSAPP 直接與CIC APP、閘機 和 FaceID 集成通訊
◆  中央電腦、地盤電腦、互聯網、地盤網絡等多重易於不穩定因素皆不會影響認證及通道管理, 大幅度增加穩定性和實用性
◆  OCR 訪案系統,兼顧訪客入地盤
◆  加快登記的時間

Fingerprint Reader

Fingerprint recognization technology leads to a fast, secure computer time recorder. Remote management via modem is also possible.

Advantage of Fingerprint Recognition

  • Uniqueness of fingerprint characteristics, stability and complexity sufficient to provide for authentication. Using fingerprint unique features, simply increase the number of fingerprint, you can improve recognition reliability.
  • Fingerprint fast, easy to use. When the fingerprint, the user simply finger fingerprint head contact with each other they can be completed in a few seconds, which is the fingerprint recognition technology capable of occupying a large part of the main reasons the market. 
  • Fingerprint acquisition head can be more compact, the price will be more affordable, easy to integrate with existing systems.


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