IT Solutions

Since 2004, Uniforce Security Systems has quietly cultivated local software development, database analysis, and system maintenance. With more than ten years of experience, it has successfully customized efficient, stable and practical software for customers in different industries.

In addition, we have collaborated with many local peers in the software industry to develop API interfaces, automatically exchange data, and improve their
respective software, making it more powerful, such as:
- Docking access control system for education system.
- Connect with the Government Construction Industry Council APP and provide facial recognition function.
- Connect employee information and attendance data for business systems.
- Provide real-time information for third-party mobile APP.

CIC Construction Workers Registration Certification System

According to the provisions of the "Construction Workers Registration Ordinance" regarding "Specialized Workers for Dedicated Workers," a professional platform and APP package for contractors has been created. It is perfectly integrated with the Construction Workers Registration System (CWRS) platform, providing a face recognition function for the site attendance record system, and effectively manages the entry and exit of workers and employees who hold valid safety cards or worker registration certificates.

This system was included in the "CWRS Auxiliary System Supplier Successful Integration List" in 2016, and it has been almost six years since then.
The system is convenient, fast, stable, reliable and well-known for its thoughtful service, which is appreciated by all users. All major contractors are welcome to inquire and try.

RFID Goods And Assets Management System

Customize the exclusive PDA and APP, and attach radio frequency tags (RFID, optional waterproof, printable, remote and other types or materials), QR codes or traditional barcodes to the items,
For the mixed use of different types of features, rapid registration and statistics can be performed, saving a lot of manpower and time costs, avoiding repeated manual operations and human errors and omissions to improve work efficiency.
Suitable for all kinds of companies or institutions that need regular audit assets, such as listed companies, schools, NGOs, government agencies, etc.
It can also be used in warehouses, exhibitions, hotels, offices and other scenes with high logistics.