Carpark System

License Plate Recognition System (LPR)

  • Automatic License Plate Recognition (LPR), worry-free access and exit.
  • Slim and elegant body, with built-in fill light, all weather and universal environment.
  • Supporting for dual-lane traffic lanes, adapt to more complex road environments.
  • All-weather vehicle recognition rate as high as 99%.
  • Fully support for Hong Kong License Plate Recognition, the most advanced and fastest in the industry!
  • Currently developing simultaneous recongation of Mainland China license plates and Macau license plates.

01) Intelligent adjustment, mass production, high security key system.
02) Connect to Jieshun's new secret key system, with on-site authentication capability, full online operation, eliminating the trouble of cumbersome authentication;
03) Connect to the Jieshun platform, remote operation and maintenance, equipment supports active push of maintenance information, equipment fault status, etc., to achieve after-sales service transformation;
04) Built-in independent license plate identification algorithm and dedicated image processing unit, with dual-machine collaborative identification algorithm, smoothly handling bends and multi-directional vehicles, free access everywhere;
05) Support for remote equipment upgrades, online upgrades, easy upgrades anytime and anywhere, always at the forefront of the latest feature applications;
06) Unique fault-tolerant circuit design, can identify and charge offline, store graphics and text, peace of mind;
07) Provide secondary development SDK to achieve product standardization and customization with third parties;
08) Efficient recognition, convenient passage, single-lane license plate identification, under the installation of qualified conditions, the recognition accuracy is not less than 98%;
09) Support pure license plate dual camera recognition mode, with correction processing for no license plate and dirty license plate, recognition accuracy not less than 99%;
10) For license plate-free vehicles, license plate-free vehicle scanning access and exit, and capture vehicle feature photos at the same time to form records, ensuring vehicle capture rates and creating unmanned new modes;
11) Support WeChat, Alipay, self-service payment machines and other payment methods for greater convenience;
12) Support contactless payment functions, pay after exit, to ensure the ultimate experience of passage;
13) Support one-key lock, parking reservation, mobile phone payment and other online applications to enjoy convenient and advanced life.

Smart parking advantage

1. Long-distance card swiping
The intelligent parking lot system uses advanced electronic tag reading technology to achieve long-distance card swiping. The driver does not need to get out of the car, let alone stop the car to swipe the card. Long-distance card swiping allows vehicles to pass through directly, which is convenient for drivers and increases the throughput of vehicles in the parking lot. It also improves the overall operating efficiency of the parking lot.

2. License Plate Recognition Technology
The intelligent parking lot system adopts license plate recognition technology, captures images of vehicles entering and exiting, and can automatically recognize license plates to manage and charge vehicles. In terms of security management, it can effectively ensure vehicle safety and prevent the phenomenon of card sharing. At the same time, license plate automatic recognition technology can automatically complete charging by reading license plates without the need for temporary cards, which is convenient for management. For special vehicles, license plate numbers can be stored in advance, and vehicles can pass through automatic identification directly upon entering and exiting, which is very convenient.

3. Provide multiple security protections
The intelligent parking lot system uses reliable vehicle detection systems and induction loops, along with technologies such as infrared opposition, pressure sensing, obstruction detection, and automatic unblocking after touching, to avoid the occurrence of toll gate crushing vehicles and people.

4. Strict billing system to ensure parking lot revenue
For traditional parking lot management methods that adopt manual cash collection, the billing system of intelligent parking lots is undoubtedly extremely powerful. Intelligent parking lots generally adopt IC card billing systems. All card consumption of all vehicle types is recorded and statistically by computers, and there are almost no financial loopholes. In addition, the network video surveillance system monitors the billing staff, which can effectively manage financial security and protect the interests of the parking lot.

5. Advanced Guidance System
The intelligent parking lot system uses network technology to achieve data sharing and real-time feedback on parking space numbers and parking lot information. It guides drivers to park and pick up their vehicles.

With the development of electronic technology and network technology, modern parking lots show intelligence. Not only can they solve the deficiencies of traditional parking lots, but they can also effectively solve social problems such as slow parking, slow payment, difficult parking, and difficult finding vehicles due to the rapid increase in vehicles. Here are the advantages and development trends of intelligent parking lots.

Here are some key trends in the development of intelligent parking lots:

1、The parking lot realizes data sharing and networking, breaking information islands and building an intelligent parking IoT platform. It achieves parking guidance, parking reservation, electronic self-service payment, rapid entry and exit, and other functions.

2、Parking guidance, parking space guidance, and reverse vehicle searching systems are rapidly popularizing. Currently, more and more large parking lots with thousands of parking spaces are being built. Without guidance and vehicle searching systems and relying only on personnel to guide traffic, such large parking lots would be a disaster for both management and customers.

3、Unmanned services are gradually becoming popular. Due to the rapid increase in labor costs in China, the previous method of managing parking lots by manpower is no longer feasible. Referring to the experience of foreign countries, the degree of automation of parking lots will become higher and higher, management staff will gradually decrease, and unmanned services will eventually be realized.

4、Mobile phones realize parking space reservation, payment, and vehicle searching functions. Smartphones and mobile Internet have rapidly become popular in recent years. Mobile Internet users have exceeded fixed Internet users. Using mobile phones to order meals, buy movie tickets, download coupons, and make friends has become popular. Therefore, these applications in parking lots will rapidly become popular.

5、Intelligent parking lots with multi-story garages are increasing. China has a large population in cities with high density and high land costs. Referring to the experience of Japan and other countries, multi-story garages have advantages such as less land use, high utilization rate, and convenient access, and will develop rapidly.

Parking Lot Electronic Toll Management System

Jieshun Smart Terminal Operation Platform, developed using JAVA language, realizes the management of various wisdom terminal devices. It is an "Internet + hardware device" management platform that can realize road channel control, video surveillance of guarded areas, business charging and other business applications.

  • Domineering appearance, ultimate luxury.

12-inch LCD, wide viewing angle, tuhao gold color, piano lacquer process.

  • Intelligent reminder, intelligent operation and maintenance.

TTS voice, sound and light reminder, status visibility, offline management, remote upgrade.

  • Intelligent recognition, multiple credentials.

License Plate Recognition (LPR), ID/IC/CPU card, QR Code, RFID card.

  • Highly integrated, low cost.

Built-in RFID, IP intercom, face capturing, high-definition network camera (HD IPC), MySQL database.

  •   Simple wiring and installation and maintenance.

TCP/IP, software component design.

  • Extensibility

Flexible charging standards, third-party payments, third-party license plate recognition, city pass, external host.

Market positioning and functions

Octopus parking lot is mainly positioned for local applications in Hong Kong, meeting the needs of ordinary residential and small commercial parking lots:

  1. Octopus card swiping for entry and exit, realizing unmanned operation;
  2. Issuing Octopus cards for monthly use in the system;
  3. Optional printing of receipts for hourly rental vehicles entering and exiting;
  4. Information display and prompts on LCD screen;
  5. Simplified system wiring with network intercom.

Application modes

  1. Hourly users swipe Octopus cards to enter and exit the parking lot and can optionally print receipts;
  2. The system supports hourly rental cars and central billing discounts. Central billing and renewal of monthly cards can print receipts;
  3. Fixed users can first issue Octopus cards in the parking lot as monthly cards and then use them as ordinary monthly cards.


Automatic Barrier

Automatic barriers play an essential role in regulating and restricting the flow of traffic, making reliability a key requirement.

The full range of traffic management products includes: lane barriers (electric, hydraulic or manual), sliding gates (rail sliding or trackless), hydraulic swing gates (gate arm or concealed hinge), hydraulic folding gates, hydraulic barriers (concealed or ground-mounted), hydraulic lifting columns, vehicle locking columns, speed bumps, vehicle flow steel plates, pedestrian crossing gates, revolving doors (double cage or single cage), Tripode Turnstile and intercepting bars.

User references:

Banking industry: Bank of China (London), Bank of China (Hong Kong) London Berkeley, London Scotland, London United States, NatWest, Lloyds of London.
Diplomatic embassies: Turkey, Bangkok, Brazil, Berlin, Dublin, Finland, Karachi, Paris, Doha, British Embassy in Hong Kong.
International airports: Singapore Changi Airport, Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok Airport, London Heathrow Airport, London Gatwick Airport, Birmingham Airport.
Commercial users: Coca-Cola bottling plant (China), Kowloon Motor Bus depot, Cathay Pacific Airways headquarters, Hong Kong Printing Bureau, Fiber Optic Communication Equipment Building, Tung Wah Hospital, Fairwood Sanatorium, Government Supplies Warehouse (Macau), British Airways, London Millennium Exhibition, BMW car factory, UK Medical Agency.

Parking Lot Management System

The fee calculator is installed at the exit of the parking lot. Insert a magnetic swipe card or periodic parking ticket to display the fee amount.

Parking Lot Equipment

A series of parking lot equipments including speed hump, bollard, bumper, car head buffers, car stoppers, etc.

Under Vehicle Inspection System

The Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS) proven to be an effective tool for viewing the vehicle undercarriage entering and exiting secure areas or facilities for inert explosive devices (IEDs) and contraband. There are 700 devices in use worldwide in military bases, government facilities, embassies, nuclear facilities, refineries, official residences, and commercial/industrial properties.