Carpark System

Pure License Plate Recognition System (LPR)

  • Automatic License Plate Recognition (LPR), and proceed without hindrance.
  • The light, handy artistic and elegant machine satisfies multiple environments damands.
  • Supporting double-lane coordinated recognition, which can effectively cope with wide lane, T-shape crossroad and such complex environment.
  • All weather LPR recognition rate up to 99%.
  • Full support for Hong Kong License Plate Recognition, is the most advanced and fast in the industry!
  • Now being developed to identify Mainland China license plates and Macau license plates simultaneously.

01 ) Intelligent debugging, mass production, high security key system.
02 ) Docking Jieshun new key system, with on-site certification capabilities, full-line online operation, eliminating the troubles of cumbersome certification;
03 ) Docking Jieshun platform, remote operation and maintenance, equipment support to actively push maintenance information, equipment failure status, etc., to achieve the after-sales service to the transformation;
04 ) Built-in independent license plate recognition algorithm and special image processing unit, with dual-machine cooperative recognition algorithm, calmly coping with corners and multi-party to have the law in the core, and travel the world;
05 ) Support equipment remote upgrade, online upgrade, easy to upgrade anytime, anywhere, always at the forefront of the latest functional applications;
06 ) Unique disaster-tolerant link design, offline identification, billing, storage of graphics, comfortable and comfortable;
07 ) Provide secondary development SDK to realize the standardization of docking between products and third parties, and support OEM and customization;
08 ) Efficient identification and convenient passage, one-way license plate recognition for single control machine, under the condition that the installation meets the specifications, the recognition accuracy rate is not less than 98%;
09 ) Support pure license plate dual camera recognition mode, with unlicensed, dirty cards and other error correction processing, the recognition accuracy is not less than 99%;
10 ) For unlicensed vehicles, unlicensed vehicles scan the code into and out of the game, and at the same time capture the vehicle feature photos, form records, ensure the vehicle capture rate, and create a new mode of unattended;
11 ) Supporting multiple payment methods such as WeChat, Alipay, and self-service payment machines, which is more convenient;
12 ) Support the non-inductive payment function, first deduct the fee after playing, to ensure the ultimate experience;
13 ) Support one-click lock car, parking space reservation, mobile payment and other online applications, enjoy convenient life.

Smart parking advantage

First, long distance card
The intelligent parking system adopts advanced electronic label reading technology, which can realize long-distance card swiping, and the driver does not need to get off the bus, let alone need to stop the card. The long-distance swipe can make the vehicle pass directly, which is convenient for the driver, and also improves the passing speed of the yard vehicle, and also improves the operating efficiency of the whole parking lot.

Second, license plate recognition technology
The intelligent parking lot system adopts the license plate recognition technology to capture images of the incoming and outgoing vehicles, automatically recognize the license plates, and manage and charge the vehicles. In the aspect of safety management, the safety of the vehicle can be effectively guaranteed, and the phenomenon of multi-card use can be eliminated. At the same time, the automatic identification technology of the license plate can automatically complete the charging by reading the license plate, without the need for temporary cards, which is convenient for management. For special vehicles, the license plate number can be pre-stored. It is very convenient to automatically release the vehicle when it enters and exits.

Third, have multiple security guarantees
The intelligent parking system adopts reliable vehicle detection system and ground-sensing coils, plus various technologies such as infrared radiation, pressure sensing, barrier detection, and automatic de-bar after touch, thus avoiding the phenomenon of smashing the brakes. occur.

Fourth, a strict charging system to ensure the income of the yard
For the traditional parking lot management method that uses manual cash charges, the charging system of the intelligent parking lot is undoubtedly powerful. Intelligent parking lot generally adopts IC card charging system. All models have computer records and statistics, and there are almost no financial loopholes. In addition, the network video surveillance system supervises the toll collectors, which can effectively manage financial security. In order to protect the interests of the yard.

Fifth, advanced guidance system
The intelligent parking lot system can realize data sharing by using network technology, and can provide real-time feedback on the number of cars and parking lot information, and guide the driver to stop and pick up the car.

With the development of electronic technology and network technology, the modern parking lot reflects the intelligence, not only can solve the shortage of the traditional parking lot, but also can effectively solve the slow parking, slow payment, difficult parking, and difficult car finding due to the rapid increase of vehicles. And other social issues. Here is a brief introduction to the advantages and development trends of smart parking.

The development trend of intelligent parking lots has the following aspects:

1、The parking lot realizes the network sharing data, breaks the information island, builds the intelligent parking material networking platform, realizes the functions of parking induction, parking space reservation, electronic self-service payment, and quick access.

2、Parking induction, parking space guidance and reverse car-seeking system are rapidly spreading. The parking lot currently under construction is getting bigger and bigger, and it is more than a few thousand parking spaces. If such a large parking lot is not guided and searched for by the staff, It is a disaster for managers and customers.

3、Unmanned service is gradually popularized. Due to the rapid increase of labor costs in China, the method of managing parking lots by people's seas has become more and more difficult in the past. With reference to foreign development experience, the automation of parking lots will become more and more high. Gradually reduce until unmanned service is achieved.

4、Mobile phone to achieve parking space reservation, payment, car search and other functions, smart phones and mobile Internet has been rapidly popularized in the past two years, mobile Internet users have exceeded the fixed Internet users, using mobile phones to order meals, buy movie tickets, download coupons, make friends, etc. Popularity, so these applications in the parking lot will quickly become popular.

5、The number of three-dimensional garages in smart parking lots has increased. China has a large population, high density and high land cost. With reference to the experience of Japan and other countries, the three-dimensional garage has the advantages of small land occupation, high utilization rate, convenient access and so on, and will develop rapidly.

Car Parking Electronic Toll Management System

Jieshun Smart Terminal Operation Platform, developed in JAVA language, realizes the management of various smart terminal equipment, is the management platform of "Internet + hardware equipment", and realize vehicle channel management and control, defense zone video monitoring, business Charges and other business applications.

  • Domineering appearance, ultimate luxury

12-inch LCD, large viewing angle, tyrant gold color, baked painting technology

  • Smart reminder, smart operation and maintenance

TTS voice, sound and light alert, status visualization, offline management, remote upgrade

  • Wisdom identification, multiple certificates

License Plate Recognition (LPR), ID/IC/CPU card, QR Code, RFID card

  • Highly integrated and low cost

Built-in RFID, IP intercom, portrait capture, HD IPC, MySQL database

  •   Easy wiring, installation and maintenance

TCP/IP, software element design

  • Extensibility

Flexible charging standards, cooperating with manufacturers to pay for cooperation, license plate recognition, city pass, external host shell.

Market positioning and functions

The Octopus depot is mainly targeted at local applications in Hong Kong to meet the needs of ordinary residential and small commercial parking applications:

  1. Octopus card tapping card out mode to achieve unattended;
  2. Octopus cards issue monthly cards within the system;
  3. Optional print receipt for temporary vehicle entrance, optional print receipt for export;
  4. LCD screen information release and prompts;
  5. Network intercom eases system cabling.

Application mode

  1. Hourly rental users can choose to print the receipt when they take an Octopus card to enter and exit the venue;
  2. The system supports discounted central parking fees and central charges for the hourly rental parking. The central charge office will extend the monthly credit card for cash renewal and print receipts;
  3. The fixed-user Octopus card will be issued in the parking lot as a monthly card, and then used as an ordinary monthly card.


Automatic Barrier

Automatic barriers play an essential role in regulating and restricting the flow of traffic, making reliability a key requirement.

全線交通管理產品系列包括: 車道閘桿〔電動、液壓、或手動〕、滑動大閘〔路軌滑動或無軌〕、液壓擺閘〔閘背臂或藏地鉸式〕、液壓褶閘、液壓路障〔藏地或地面安裝型〕、液壓升降柱、車瑒鎖柱、降速路拱、車輛流向鋼盤、行人過道閘、十字旋轉門〔雙籠或單籠〕、三爪通道及阻截橫樑等。


銀行業: 中國銀行〔倫敦〕、中國銀行〔香港〕倫敦柏克萊、倫敦蘇格蘭、倫敦美國、英倫銀行、倫敦來斯。

Parking Management System

The fee calculating machine is installed on the exit of the parking lot and it reads out inserted magnetic parking ticket or regular parking ticket, and calculates the fee amount and shows them for collection.

Parking Equipment Series

A series of parking equipments includes speed hump, bollard, bumper, downer, carstopper, etc.......

Under Vehicle Inspection System

The Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVI) has proved to be an effective tool for viewing the underside of vehicles entering and exiting secure areas or facilities for Inert Explosive Devices (IEDs) and contraband, there are 700 installations worldwide in use at military bases, government installations, embassies, nuclear facilities, oil refineries, official residences and commercial / industrial properties as well.