IP Phone & PA System

Public Address System

The public address system is a broadcasting system that serves the public in a limited scope. In the conventional case, a public broadcasting signal is transmitted through a broadcasting line arranged in a broadcasting service area, and is a unidirectional (downlink) cable broadcasting. Usually set in the community, railway station, airport, stadium, office, military unit, enterprise, school, building, supermarket and various venues, for the release of news and internal information, release signals, provide background music, and for paging And forcible insertion of catastrophic emergency broadcasts. Thus becoming urban and rural and modern city in a variety of public places indispensable part. Public broadcasting is also useful for wireless transmission, but not mainstream.

It is a unidirectional (downlink) cable broadcast through broadcast lines deployed in the broadcast service area.

Usually set at :

  • Community  
  • Railway Station
  • Airport
  • Stadium
  • Office
  • Military Unit


  • Enterprises
  • School
  • Building
  • Supermarket
  • Various Venues

Used of :

  • Release news & internal information
  • Provide background music
  • Paging and forced insertion of catastrophic emergency broadcasts

PC-1868 Series

A-2000 Series

IP Phone

IP PBX Network Telephone System

IP PBX (telephone system) and network telephone system to replace the traditional enterprise to communication telephone system based telephone system, which provides employees with extension number, so that the use of telephone conference and colleagues in the form of communication. All communication information is sent via a non-traditional telephone network in the form of a data packet. Using the Internet Phone Gateway, you can connect your existing phone line to your IP PBX and answer or make calls on your regular PSTN line.

IP PBXs function are excellent and breaking the regional restrictions, so some companies with multiple offices, especially those with overseas offices, are more suitable. For example: Hong Kong and China enterprises, Hong Kong and China manufacturers, travel agencies, business centers, virtual offices, acreage estate company , Retailers and Call Center, etc. ...
With the major telecommunications business Hunting / IDAP (T1) / SIP Trunk services



Aiphone introduces the simplest apartment entry intercom system available on the market. To setup an entire system, make a pair of Aiphone positioned at each entrance and apartment area.