Anti Shoplifting

People Counting

This is an electronic system designed for shopping centre and for all those places where peoples gather. It allows to monitor with precision visitor flow by entrance or exit. It is ideal for libraries, museums, cultural events.

Anti-Shoplifting System

- This anti-shoplifting system is CE certified and comply with the European rules concerning the electromagnetic compatibility.

– 適用於各行零售業,遏止高買活動,保障貨品不被偷竊。

– 有8.2兆赫茲和4.8兆赫茲兩種頻道,可供選擇及避免干擾。

– 有硬牌,軟牌,眼鏡框牌,珠寶套,標籤貼紙,針扣及收緊索等配件,供各種不同的貨品使用。