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Finance Perspective July 30, 2017.
The hot property market has stimulated brisk trading of second-hand village houses. However, many people are concerned about security issues when living in village houses. What is the business outlook for securing village houses?

Spotlight: Security flaws everywhere, frequent burglaries of independent houses
Recently, a reporter visited several districts including Tai Po, Sha Tin, and Tuen Mun with Mr. Cheuk Man Kwok, general manager of a security company, to inspect independent houses that had been burgled. He found obvious security flaws in many houses, allowing thieves to easily break in and commit burglary.


The police remind that the security system of independent houses and village houses is relatively fragile
There is a path near the mountainside of Villa Paradiso Garden. The residential area is separated from the path only by a fence, but the fence is not too high and can be reached by extending one's hand. A security consultant suggested that residential areas near hillsides should install electric fences. The police pointed out that many village houses and independent houses in the New Territories have aging security systems. They remind citizens to pay special attention to home security.

Looking around on September 19

Sing Tao Daily, August 9, 2016

$2m worth of goods gone in 80 seconds

Uniforce Security Systems general manager Kwok Cheuk-man suggested the store install tempered glass to prevent it from being easily broken. "This can help buy time and increase the difficulty for the burglars to break in," he said.