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Smart Parking System


Smart Parking System NEW!

>>Pure License Plate Recognition System(LPR)<<

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With the development of electronic technology and network technology, the modern parking lot reflects the intelligence, not only can solve the shortage of the traditional parking lot, but also can effectively solve the slow parking, slow payment, difficult parking, and difficult car finding due to the rapid increase of vehicles. And other social issues. Here is a brief introduction to the advantages and development trends of smart parking.

Smart parking advantage

First, long distance card

The intelligent parking system adopts advanced electronic label reading technology, which can realize long-distance card swiping, and the driver does not need to get off the bus, let alone need to stop the card. The long-distance swipe can make the vehicle pass directly, which is convenient for the driver, and also improves the passing speed of the yard vehicle, and also improves the operating efficiency of the whole parking lot.

Second, license plate recognition technology

The intelligent parking lot system adopts the license plate recognition technology to capture images of the incoming and outgoing vehicles, automatically recognize the license plates, and manage and charge the vehicles. In the aspect of safety management, the safety of the vehicle can be effectively guaranteed, and the phenomenon of multi-card use can be eliminated. At the same time, the automatic identification technology of the license plate can automatically complete the charging by reading the license plate, without the need for temporary cards, which is convenient for management. For special vehicles, the license plate number can be pre-stored. It is very convenient to automatically release the vehicle when it enters and exits.

Third, have multiple security guarantees

The intelligent parking system adopts reliable vehicle detection system and ground-sensing coils, plus various technologies such as infrared radiation, pressure sensing, barrier detection, and automatic de-bar after touch, thus avoiding the phenomenon of smashing the brakes. occur.

Fourth, a strict charging system to ensure the income of the yard

For the traditional parking lot management method that uses manual cash charges, the charging system of the intelligent parking lot is undoubtedly powerful. Intelligent parking lot generally adopts IC card charging system. All models have computer records and statistics, and there are almost no financial loopholes. In addition, the network video surveillance system supervises the toll collectors, which can effectively manage financial security. In order to protect the interests of the yard.

Five, advanced guidance system

The intelligent parking lot system can realize data sharing by using network technology, and can provide real-time feedback on the number of cars and parking lot information, and guide the driver to stop and pick up the car.

The development trend of intelligent parking lots has the following aspects:

1. The parking lot realizes the network sharing data, breaks the information island, builds the intelligent parking material networking platform, realizes the functions of parking induction, parking space reservation, electronic self-service payment, and quick access.

2. Parking induction, parking space guidance and reverse car-seeking system are rapidly spreading. The parking lot currently under construction is getting bigger and bigger, and it is more than a few thousand parking spaces. If such a large parking lot is not guided and searched for by the staff, It is a disaster for managers and customers.

3. Unmanned service is gradually popularized. Due to the rapid increase of labor costs in China, the method of managing parking lots by people's seas has become more and more difficult in the past. With reference to foreign development experience, the automation of parking lots will become more and more high. Gradually reduce until unmanned service is achieved.

4, mobile phone to achieve parking space reservation, payment, car search and other functions, smart phones and mobile Internet has been rapidly popularized in the past two years, mobile Internet users have exceeded the fixed Internet users, using mobile phones to order meals, buy movie tickets, download coupons, make friends, etc. Popularity, so these applications in the parking lot will quickly become popular.

5. The number of three-dimensional garages in smart parking lots has increased. China has a large population, high density and high land cost. With reference to the experience of Japan and other countries, the three-dimensional garage has the advantages of small land occupation, high utilization rate, convenient access and so on, and will develop rapidly.

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