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Pure License Plate Recognition System


Pure License Plate Recognition System (LPR) NEW!

>>Smart Parking System<<

Demo Video:

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  • Automatic License Plate Recognition (LPR), and proceed without hindrance.
  • The light, handy artistic and elegant machine satisfies multiple environments damands.
  • Supporting double-lane coordinated recognition, which can effectively cope with wide lane, T-shape crossroad and such complex environment.
  • All weather LPR recognition rate up to 99%
  • Full support for Hong Kong License Plate Recognition, is the most advanced and fast in the industry!
  • Now being developed to identify Mainland China license plates and Macau license plates simultaneously

Intelligent debugging, mass production, high security key system.
Docking Jieshun new key system, with on-site certification capabilities, full-line online operation, eliminating the troubles of cumbersome certification;
Docking Jieshun platform, remote operation and maintenance, equipment support to actively push maintenance information, equipment failure status, etc., to achieve the after-sales service to the transformation;
Built-in independent license plate recognition algorithm and special image processing unit, with dual-machine cooperative recognition algorithm, calmly coping with corners and multi-party to have the law in the core, and travel the world;
5 Support equipment remote upgrade, online upgrade, easy to upgrade anytime, anywhere, always at the forefront of the latest functional applications;
6 Unique disaster-tolerant link design, offline identification, billing, storage of graphics, comfortable and comfortable;
7 Provide secondary development SDK to realize the standardization of docking between products and third parties, and support OEM and customization;
8 Efficient identification and convenient passage, one-way license plate recognition for single control machine, under the condition that the installation meets the specifications, the recognition accuracy rate is not less than 98%;
9 Support pure license plate dual camera recognition mode, with unlicensed, dirty cards and other error correction processing, the recognition accuracy is not less than 99%;
10 For unlicensed vehicles, unlicensed vehicles scan the code into and out of the game, and at the same time capture the vehicle feature photos, form records, ensure the vehicle capture rate, and create a new mode of unattended;
11 Supporting multiple payment methods such as WeChat, Alipay, and self-service payment machines, which is more convenient;
12 Support the non-inductive payment function, first deduct the fee after playing, to ensure the ultimate experience;
13 Support one-click lock car, parking space reservation, mobile payment and other online applications, enjoy convenient life.



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