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Multiple Parking Electronic Toll Management System


Multiple Parking Electronic Toll Management System


Domineering appearance, ultimate luxury

   12-inch LCD, large viewing angle, tyrant gold color, baked painting technology

  • Smart reminder, smart operation and maintenance

   TTS voice, sound and light alert, status visualization, offline management, remote upgrade

  • Wisdom identification, multiple certificates

   License Plate Recognition (LPR), ID/IC/CPU card, QR Code, RFID card

  • Highly integrated and low cost

Built-in RFID, IP intercom, portrait capture, HD IPC, MySQL database

  • Easy wiring, installation and maintenance

   TCP/IP, software element design

  • Extensibility

Flexible charging standards, cooperating with manufacturers to pay for cooperation,
license plate recognition, city pass, external host shell.
Jiehuitong intelligent terminal operating platform adopts JAVA language development 
to realize the management of various intelligent terminal equipments. It is the management 
platform of “Internet + hardware equipment” and can realize car channel control, 
zone video monitoring, business charges, etc. Various business applications.

Market positioning and functions

The Octopus depot is mainly targeted at local applications in Hong Kong to meet the needs of ordinary residential and small commercial parking applications:

1. Octopus card tapping card out mode to achieve unattended;

2. Octopus cards issue monthly cards within the system;

3. Optional print receipt for temporary vehicle entrance, optional print receipt for export;

4. LCD screen information release and prompts;

5. Network intercom eases system cabling.

Application mode

1. Temporary users brush the Octopus card for admission and an optional print receipt for admission;
    the Octopus card deduction fee will appear on the field and you can choose to print the receipt;

2. The system supports discounted central parking fees and central charges for the temporary vehicles.
    The central charge office will extend the monthly credit card for cash extension and print receipts;

3. The fixed-user Octopus card will be issued in the parking lot as a monthly card, and then used
    as an ordinary monthly card.


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  • FaceID

  • Sch. Security