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Uniforce Security Systems Ltd.

Projects Reference

Professional design, supply and installation of various sizes of security projects.
Thousands of existing customers throughout China and Hong Kong, including
the highest security specifications of the government departments, consulates,
airport terminals, railway and financial institutions.



學與教博覽 2018

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學與教博覽 2018
Learning Teaching Expo 2018

學與教博覽將於 2018年12月12日至14日,假 香港會議展覽中心 舉行

我們展出 熱感探測器高清錄影系統無線電子教學班房對話系統



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Channel Management and Attendance Application Solution

CIC Biological Identification and Attendance Solution

Face Recognition System Tripode Turnstile

◆ Up to 40,000 construction workers can be supported
◆ CIC approved site entry gate and attendance system
◆ CIC for the new generation of cloud Construction Workers Registration Gateway CWRG / DAR system settings
◆ Ensure that FaceID authentication data is saved for the real time
◆ Use FaceID's fast and stable performance, we changed the process to biometric identification first, and then the CIC machine.
◆ Minus the real-time dependence on the computer.
◆ USSAPP directly with the CIC APP, gate and FaceID integrated communications.
◆ mutual authentication and opening completely without computer processing
◆ No longer rely on computer.
◆ Central computer, site computer, Internet, site network, and other easy-to-unstable factors will not affect the certification and channel management, a substantial increase in stability and practicality.
◆ OCR access system, taking control visitor into the site.
◆ Speed up the registration time.


Partners - Cafe de Coral Holdings

Partners - Cafe de Coral Holdings across the board, more than three hundred branches and offices,

has adopted a fast and accurate face recognition time attendance and access control systems,

fast-track management, reduce HR human resources, time and attendance data  computerization, to prevent people punching for each others.


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