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CPB honours outstanding Central Alarm Monitoring Stations

CPB honours outstanding Central Alarm Monitoring Stations

At an award presentation held at Police Headquarters on June 15, 2011, Crime Prevention Bureau (CPB) paid tribute to Central Alarm Monitoring Stations (CAMS) for their dedicated support to reduce false alarms. This is also the 6th Prevention of False Alarms Award honors to Uniforce.

Silver Award to Uniforce - Prevention of False Alarms Awards 2010


面形識別考勤系統(FaceID Attendance System) 迎合最低工資的計算

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2011325, 聯衛與用友合辦了最低工資研討會, 針對新推出的最低工資的法例, 以面形識別系統 (FaceID Attendance) 做考勤方案, 有效減省人手記錄資料及計算, 並可以即時得知某員工的該月薪金是否低於有關條例. 有關方案詳情可致電本公司查詢 (TEL: 2793-3800).


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