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Uniforce Security Systems Ltd.

Multiple Parking Electronic Toll Management System

Market positioning and functions

The Octopus depot is mainly targeted at local applications in Hong Kong to meet the needs of ordinary residential and small commercial parking applications:

1. Octopus card tapping card out mode to achieve unattended;

2. Octopus cards issue monthly cards within the system;

3. Optional print receipt for temporary vehicle entrance, optional print receipt for export;

4. LCD screen information release and prompts;

5. Network intercom eases system cabling.


Channel Management and Attendance Application Solution

CIC Biological Identification and Attendance Solution

Face Recognition System Tripode Turnstile

◆ Up to 40,000 construction workers can be supported
◆ CIC approved site entry gate and attendance system
◆ CIC for the new generation of cloud Construction Workers Registration Gateway CWRG / DAR system settings
◆ Ensure that FaceID authentication data is saved for the real time
◆ Use FaceID's fast and stable performance, we changed the process to biometric identification first, and then the CIC machine.
◆ Minus the real-time dependence on the computer.
◆ USSAPP directly with the CIC APP, gate and FaceID integrated communications.
◆ mutual authentication and opening completely without computer processing
◆ No longer rely on computer.
◆ Central computer, site computer, Internet, site network, and other easy-to-unstable factors will not affect the certification and channel management, a substantial increase in stability and practicality.
◆ OCR access system, taking control visitor into the site.
◆ Speed up the registration time.


Infrared Thermography Temperature Rapid Screening Instrument

Thermal Detector / High-Precision Rapid Human Body Temperature Detector / Body Temperature Rapid Screening Instrument (Handheld)

Product Features:

◆ Temperature measurement accuracy of up to ≦0.06℃
◆ Infrared image fusion, direct temperature measurement in the visible image
◆ Real-time video, all of the testing process are documented
◆ Rugged and easy to operate, 2m drop resistant
◆ Dedicated video management software, always check the record,professional analysis software


Partners - Cafe de Coral Holdings

Partners - Cafe de Coral Holdings across the board, more than three hundred branches and offices,

has adopted a fast and accurate face recognition time attendance and access control systems,

fast-track management, reduce HR human resources, time and attendance data  computerization, to prevent people punching for each others.


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