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【New Biometric】The first Embedded facial recognition system in the world!

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學與教博覽 2018

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學與教博覽 2018
Learning Teaching Expo 2018

學與教博覽將於 2018年12月12日至14日,假 香港會議展覽中心 舉行

我們展出 熱感探測器高清錄影系統無線電子教學班房對話系統



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Channel Management and Attendance Application Solution

CIC Biological Identification and Attendance Solution

Face Recognition System Tripode Turnstile

◆ Up to 40,000 construction workers can be supported
◆ CIC approved site entry gate and attendance system
◆ CIC for the new generation of cloud Construction Workers Registration Gateway CWRG / DAR system settings
◆ Ensure that FaceID authentication data is saved for the real time
◆ Use FaceID's fast and stable performance, we changed the process to biometric identification first, and then the CIC machine.
◆ Minus the real-time dependence on the computer.
◆ USSAPP directly with the CIC APP, gate and FaceID integrated communications.
◆ mutual authentication and opening completely without computer processing
◆ No longer rely on computer.
◆ Central computer, site computer, Internet, site network, and other easy-to-unstable factors will not affect the certification and channel management, a substantial increase in stability and practicality.
◆ OCR access system, taking control visitor into the site.
◆ Speed up the registration time.


Infrared Thermography Temperature Rapid Screening Instrument

Thermal Detector / High-Precision Rapid Human Body Temperature Detector / Body Temperature Rapid Screening Instrument (Handheld)

Product Features:

◆ Temperature measurement accuracy of up to ≦0.06℃
◆ Infrared image fusion, direct temperature measurement in the visible image
◆ Real-time video, all of the testing process are documented
◆ Rugged and easy to operate, 2m drop resistant
◆ Dedicated video management software, always check the record,professional analysis software


Partners - Cafe de Coral Holdings

Partners - Cafe de Coral Holdings across the board, more than three hundred branches and offices,

has adopted a fast and accurate face recognition time attendance and access control systems,

fast-track management, reduce HR human resources, time and attendance data  computerization, to prevent people punching for each others.


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